Meet the Pups

BEATRIX POTTER is an 8 yr old Boston Terrier owned by Kathryn Swiderski. She is adorable and affectionate, and absolutely loves showering new people with kisses.

BEN is a 3 yr old golden Retriever owned by graduate student Clement Gehring. He is a sweet dog that just wants to be loved - you'll quickly become his new best friend. He is a big fan of paper found on the sidewalk; the soggier, the better!


BENNY is a 4 yr old Tibetan Terrier owned by alum David White. He is one of the most social dogs we know, always wanting to greet people, and he loves getting attention.

BRADLEY is a 3 yr old Corgi x Chihuahua owned by grad student Ming Yang Ong. He is a happy little dog who is full of curiosity and loves a good belly rub.

FRANKLIN is a 3 yr old Puggle mix owned by staff Valerie Stephens. He has a relaxed personality, but can be quite the nutterball, racing around and being playful. He loves meeting new people and exploring new environments. He has actually lived in seven different homes, from Georgia to Kansa to Minnesota, and popped into Valerie's life unexpectedly. Follow him on Instagram @Franklin_Takes_Boston


HERCULES is an 8 yr old Labradoodle owned by staff Marsha Gordon. He has a natural ability to find people who need comfort, and came all the way from Australia, where labradoodles are bred to be therapy dogs! He frequents nursing homes, where he is happy to let residents pet him as long as they like.

KRICKET is a 7 yr old Boston Terrier mix owned by staff Jessica Coco. When she is happy (basically every time she sees a human), her white-tipped tail whips around like a helicopter rotor! She is small but full of energy and lives for a game of fetch - it's a game of endurance with her, and no human will ever endure ;) She can also chill out in a lap for hours, and is a belly rub junkie.

LEICA is a 6 mo old Samoyed owned by alum Crystal Mao. She is super friendly and outgoing, with incredibly warm, soft, hypoallergenic fur that is therapeutic to cuddle. She frequently plays around MIT and is often mistaken for Ghost the Direwolf.

MAX is an 11 yr old Siberian Husky owned by alum Joice Himawan. He is a rescued spoiled brat, trained in rally obedience and agility. He is even competed and earned titles!


OLIVER is a 9 yr old Cocker Spaniel owned by MIT Libraries staff Keith Glavash. He loves crowds of people as long as he's goot a good tennis ball in his mouth. He likes to lie on his back, usually on his favorite pillow, and have his belly scratched.

RUFUS is a 1 yr old Labradoodle owned by alum Howard Heller. He is very soft and cuddly, and loves to be petted. He is one of our most energetic, playful pups!


SIDNEY is a 3 yr old Labradoodle owned by AeroAstro faculty Julie Shah. She serves as Canine Head-of-House in the Sidney Pacific Graduate Dorm and recently became a big sister! 

SUNNY is a 5 yr old Golden Retriever owned by MIT Libraries staff Micah Altman. His full name is Sunny Stardust Symphony of Jellyfish and Octopoddles Altman-Mills. Curious? Come to Puppy Lab and ask Micah more!


TILY is a 2 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Lara Fritch. She recently completed her Scent Dog Novice title and is now doing Advanced level searches at scent trials. Better watch out if you're hiding something delicious to the nose!


WINGNUT is a 1 yr old Aussie x Beagle owned by alum Stephanie Ku. She loves doing tricks for treats and racing over agility courses. Her name started as a joke between mechanical engineers, but multiple definitions of the word turned out to suit her perfectly! Follow her on Instagram: @wingnutpup

ZEUS is a 6 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by MIT Libraries staff Howard Silver. He's soooo cute - makes people smile just looking at him! He has very soft fur and loves to be petted. He likes treats and those who bestow them.